The Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

When words like hot, sexy, or handsome are used for a man, image of a person that is built under our eyes is of the one having great body, sexy eyes, funny personality and full sexy hair. In our society, these traits are linked to men who are considered hot. Have you ever heard of a guy who has all the above qualities or traits except full sexy hair? No, probably not. This is because, the definition of beauty in our society is incomplete without beautiful hair. Baldness itself has become a curse. It causes very negative effects on the personality of a man. The person becomes very uneasy, insecure, and under confident while interacting with new people.

Due to a particular thinking that first impression is the last, many bald people feel uneasy as they feel that in first meeting, people keep on staring their head instead of concentrating on them as a person. It might or might not be true, but a lot of men start using caps to cover their head. For some baldness is a sign of old age or unattractiveness, but baldness never sticks to a particular age group, many young men get effected from it too. Having less hair or being bald doesn’t mean that your personality is unattractive. Such persons can have beautiful eyes, funny personality, witty sense of humor and they can be great leaders, hardworking employee, perfect partners, loving son, and super cool dads. Less hair or no hair should not cause negative psychological effects on the personality.

Losing hair in young age can put more negative psychological effects than in later age. If you are young and you have started losing hair, then there are a sea of products available at your disposal to get benefit from. Using these on time can help you in getting better benefits and raising your self-confidence. In past, there were very few options and they were expensive too. But in this new age, a lot of products including shampoos, conditioners, hair thickening fiber, topical ointments, drugs, hair extensions and hair plant treatments are available. So, instead of cursing your thin or bald head, follow these simple tips and do yourself a favor. Keep your hair short, as shorter hair look healthier than longer hair. Instead of using creams that might be heavy, try using sprays or dry applications as they are good combinations of fiber and dyes. Hair thickening fiber is one such product that is easy and instant way of concealing bald patching and helping you look better. If you want to go for fuller thicker looking hair, try using hair thickening fibers.


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Tips to Conceal Hair Loss

Opening and reading this article means you are sufferer of hair loss problem. Hair loss is one of the main problem or disease that is being faced by millions of people around the world. Both men and women suffer from thinning of hair, hair loss and baldness. It can be due to any disease, deficiency of nutrients, hormonal changes, sudden shock or trauma, side effects of medicines or it can be genetic too. Its sufferer might wish for a magical solution to get fuller and thicker hair. Some may wish for a magical wand or a spell that can be recited to get their hair back. But unfortunately, in real world you do not have magical solutions to this problem. Although you cannot rely on magic in this practical world, but the good news is that you now have a lot of different products at your disposal that can help you in concealing your problem.

In this new era, the advancement in technology gives you easier and quicker ways to resolve your problem. Previously, there were few long, painful and expensive treatments for hair growth. But now, apart from growing hair, you can conceal thin hair by getting hair building fibers, and spray-on concealers that can help you in creating illusion of thicker hair. If you are completely bald and have no hair on your scalp, then nothing will work for you, but if you have thin hair, using few different techniques can help you in concealing them or giving them thicker look.

• Trying different hair styles is an easy way to conceal thin hair. Curling your hair or adding waves to them add volume to your hair and they look thicker. Waves and curls create illusion of thicker hair. With the help of curling rods and rollers, you can easily create stylish hairstyles that will make your hair look thicker.
• Using hair building fibers is another easy method that helps you in getter better results. The colored protein fiber in these topical products adds illusion of fuller hair. These hair thickening fibers, when used will stick to the scalp and bases of hair follicles that will create appearance of thicker hair.
• Apart from hair building fibers, spray concealers are also available in the market. They work by coloring your scalp with same color that you have and concealing the hair loss areas. These fibers sticks and color your hair by darkening the scalp.

Trying different hairstyles that add volume to your hair, concealing sprays and hair fiber are few of the easiest techniques to conceal your hair loss problem.


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Hair Loss Concealer Lifestyle Changes

Normal hair lost by an average person is up to 100 strands a day and in a normal cycle, hair fall and then grow back in a couple of weeks. Whereas, when something goes wrong within your body, you may start losing excessive amount of hair or they may not grow back in a normal pattern. If this continues, then your hair will start getting thin and you will end up getting bald. Hair loss problem is very common among both genders. Men lose more hair than women, but for several years, number of women who are suffering from hair loss problem has increased a lot. This can be due to heredity traits, deficiency of vitamins, hormonal changes or it could be a sign of illness.

Before selecting the right treatment for yourself, try to make some adjustments to your lifestyle too. Everyone know that healthy balanced diet is very important for human beings. In healthy balanced diet you need to make sure that you get all type of important nutrients in some way or the other. Meat, green leafy vegetables, eggs, whole grains, all of these need to be adjusted in your menu. Taking balanced diet or multivitamin supplement can improve hair growth. This is a natural and safest way to improve hair growth. Along with diet, some kind of workout and exercise also improves blood circulation that can help these nutrients to reach the scalp and improve hair growth.

After bringing some changes in your lifestyle, if you still feel that your hair loss problem cannot be improved and you have thin hair, go and get yourself a concealer. Hair concealers are being used by many people around the world to conceal thin hair. They can provide you with thickening look. Hair concealers have being in market for many years, but new advancement in technology has provided us with products that give you natural look, better results and affordable rates. Whether you use hair thickening fibers, colored pigments or hair concealing sprays, they all create an illusion of thicker hair by covering the scalp. Hair fibers are natural fibers that match our hair follicles and they use static electricity to stick to the scalp. When you dispense them, they cover your scalp and make your hair look thicker. Hair fibers can be used on bald patches or they can also be used on your existing hair to give your hair some extra volume. Hair thickening fibers provide you with your desired look within a few seconds and these are also known to be fastest and easiest way to achieve thick hair. Hair concealing sprays and colored pigments also provides the same purpose.


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Hair Thickening Fibers for Grey Hair

Everyone know that healthy balanced diet is very important for human beings. In healthy balanced diet, you need to make sure that you get all type of important nutrients in some way or the other. Meat, green leafy vegetables, eggs, whole grains, all of these need to be adjusted in your menu. Do regular exercise and work out, get multivitamin supplements, drink lots of water and you get proper checkup done when you see excessive hair fall. Curing it as early as possible can save you the worries.

Gray hair along with thinning of hair usually be considered a sign of old age, but it may also be because of prolonged illness and from stress. Lack of melanin and pigmentation is the reason for gray hair. Melanin is produced in hair roots, and when it stops getting produced, the color changes. The main solution that is being used by men and women is by using permanent hair color or dye. This is a good way to conceal your gray hair, but most of the people use a shade darker than the original color. This gives them a perfect uniform color but it sometimes look unnatural and you can easily guess that dye has been used. Important tip in using hair dyes is to use a shade lighter than your original one, this will give you more natural looking hair. Normally, natural hair is a variation of different shades on each strand. So, to achieve perfect shade for hair is not as easy as it seems. A simple trick of using lighter shade can give you more natural effect.

Using hair concealers can also help you in covering gray hair and giving your hair thick look. Hair fiber is one of the hair loss concealers that is perfect to use with this problem. Hair thickening fibers not only look natural, they also help in creating variation of shades. By using these, you can have double benefits in a single shot. You can cover your gray hair with hair thickening fibers and get natural looking thicker hair in few seconds. This is not a permanent solution but it has its own benefits. These are less harsh than the chemical permanent dyes, look natural, and they retain color variation. Hair concealers can be washed out by shampooing your hair. So, hair thickening fibers are not only helpful for thinning hair issues, you can also use them to cover your gray hair. If you have any of these issues, go and get yourself a hair concealer.


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Thinning Hair Treatments

There are a variety of treatments available including hair transplant, wigs, hair extensions, hair thickening fibers, spray on concealers and other hair loss concealers. Some of these are permanent fix whereas, some work temporarily. The Price range of these treatments also vary from affordable to expensive. Read the following points and select a solution that works best for you and is your pocket friendly.

• Maintaining balanced diet will help you in improving hair growth whereas, Deficiency of nutrients may be a reason to your hair loss problem. If you start having excessive hair loss, go and get yourself checked by the doctor. If you have deficiency, he will prescribe multivitamin supplements that will help you in improving health related issues and solving hair loss problem.
• Due to busy lifestyles, many people do not exercise or do any kind of workout, this in return has made us sluggish and our blood quality becomes poor. Exercise helps in improving the blood circulation and getting benefits from nutrients to help in hair growth. So, try to exercise to help your system in improving hair growth.
• Using some natural treatments like massaging the scalp with oils that helps in regrowth of hair and using chemical free shampoos and conditioners also help in regrowth of hair. Oil extracted from different fruits and herbs improve the process of hair growth. If you can’t find fully chemical free shampoos and conditioners, try to look for the ones that have minimum chemicals.
• Wigs and hair extensions are another solution that is being used for many years. The negative point in using them is that they cannot treat your hair. They just hide your problem as they fully cover your scalp. Hair extensions give you thicker and healthier look but they need to be used properly, otherwise they can damage your rest of the hair follicles too. The maintenance cost of wigs and hair extension is high too. Proper care is required to keep them in proper shape.
• Many hair concealing products are available in stores that help you conceal the thinning of hair. Spray on hair loss concealers, colored pigments and hair thickening fibers improve the look of your hair by darkening and covering the scalp and providing illusion of thick hair. These products are affordable and easy to use. They give you your desired look in few seconds.
• Many topical solutions, ointments and drugs are available too that are beneficial in improving hair growth but these can also have some side effects.
• Hair transplant is another treatment that transplants hair and follicles to areas that are bald. This is a treatment that works best but it is an expensive one.


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Hair Loss Concealers: Tips and Tricks

To try something new and getting perfect in it can require some practice. Same is the case with hair thickening fibers, as these may seem difficult to apply for the first time. With hit and trial method, you can find the right method that suits you. Hair thickening fibers are considered best among the other hair concealing products as they give natural look, and not using it in the right way can spoil your look. So, in order to save you from worrying, we have written this article. By reading following points, you will get to know about some of the best tips, ways and tricks to get your desired results. These tips and tricks have been collected from some experts who have tried these to cover the areas that require concealing. These simple tips will guarantee you the best results that can be achieved by using these hair thickening fibers.

• Less is always more in case of all the hair loss concealers. It is preferred that you start using less amount of your concealer and gradually increase its coverage. Start using it by shaking a small amount, blending it in and repeating the procedure in order to get good results. This will not only help you in giving a natural look, but it will also make sure that too much quantity is not used. Using too much hair loss concealer initially will get wasted and you will have to remove it too. So, always remember rule of less is always more.
• Make sure to never turn dispenser of the product completely upside down. This way give you less control over the fibers dispensed that will result in giving you slightly unnatural look. Using excess amount will clump them together and you will need to remove them afterwards. So, why waste your product in the first place.
• While using your product, make sure to tilt the dispenser to approximately 55 degree angle, and then shake the jar before applying. This will provide you with best natural results.
• Keep practicing. Using fibers evenly will get better and easier with practice, just make sure to use less amount in the start.
• Try to use less styling after you have applied hair thickening fibers, as some gels and hairsprays make the fibers clump together that will look less natural. Gels also tend to make your hair look thinner, so try to use them as less as possible.
• Instead of getting too much change in an instant by using a lot of your product that will also look unnatural, try to camouflage your hair loss problem by gradually building up the effect of thicker or fuller hair. Doing it gradually over a period of time look more natural instead of getting full hair in a single day like wig.
• Adding these fibers to areas that are not thinning will give them more volume and will help you in overall styling.


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