Best Hair Fibers

Hair building fibers have become one of the most popular hair loss treatments these days. With the growing popularity of hair building fibers, new brands are emerging every day. Many people think all hair building fibers are the same, however, there are big differences in the effectiveness, quality, price and safety of each brand. We review the top hair building fibers and determine what are the best hair fibers.


After comparing the top brands of hair fibers, we observed the ones using keratin fiber, bonded less securely to the subjects hair than the hair fibers which used naturally derived plant fibers as their main ingredient. The hair fibers which used keratin as their main ingredient also brushed off a lot more when combed, and washed off in rain, wind and sweat, whereas the hair fiber with natural plant fibers stayed on.


The quality of the brands which were less expensive (in the mid $20 range) seemed to experience more clumping when applied than the hair fibers with higher prices ($30 and above). The less expensive hair fibers were not as finely cut and gave off a less natural appearance.


All of the hair fibers we reviewed ranged from $25 to $45. Hair building fibers are a great alternative to other hair loss treatments because they are extremely inexpensive compared to hair growth solutions and hair transplants which could cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


We put the most weight onto this category when testing because we thought it was the most important. Most of the hair fibers tested were made main of keratin fiber. Keratin fiber contains chemicals which cause irritation and other side effects when left on the scalp. Only two of the hair fibers tested used an all natural plant fiber as their main ingredient. The natural mixture felt a lot lighter when applied and did not cause any irritation or other side effects at all.

To conclude, each brand of hair building fiber had advantages and disadvantages and were no where near the same. The hair fiber we would recommend are the hair fibers by Fibolica. Fibolica was able to pass all four tests, surpassing any other brand of hair fiber tested. Fibolica was very effective in bonding with the hair, had finely cut micro hair fibers to give a very natural look, was priced reasonably compared to the other hair fibers and most importantly, was safe from chemicals due to its all natural formula.

Fibolica is available at $35 for a 2 month supply and only $70 for a 6 month supply. Shipping is free worldwide. For more information, visit them at

To see how Fibolica works, feel free to watch their video below.

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