Dealing with the Psychological Stress of Hair Loss

Hair loss or hair thinning is a very old problem. It can have many causes including traumatic damage, fungal infection, nutritional deficiencies, and side effects of chemotherapy or radio therapy. Baldness or hair thinning creates psychological pressure because of its impact on appearance. Hair is an important element of our overall identity: particularly for women. Hair often represents femininity and attractiveness for women, whereas full head of hair represents youth and vigor for men. Therefore, baldness or hair thinning is a sensitive issue for both men and women. People having baldness or hair thinning problem might feel loss of control and sense of isolation. They also find their physical outlook at odds with their own self-image. Baldness or hair thinning make people think older and less attractive to others than they actually are. All these create mental stress and affect the personality of the people.

To overcome this psychological stress over the centuries people have tried many means to control the hair loss or hair thinning problem i.e. animal fats, egg oil, medications, surgery, hair transplant, cosmetic products like shampoo, wigs, hair styling and hair concealer like hair building fiber, color pigments etc.

Hair building fiber is widely used as a hair concealer. There are two types of hair building fibers. They are the spray on type hair building fiber and hair building fiber made up of keratin fibers. Spray on type hair building fiber comes from plant based micro-fibers which are sprayed on to the existing hair. The ionized micro hair fibers then bond with the existing hair and make the hair thicker. It is extremely easy to use and gives fuller look until it is washed out with water and shampoo. But for using spray on type hair building fiber, people need to have some amount of hair existing.

Keratin fiber mostly comes from natural ingredients. Keratin hair fiber based hair building fiber is directly used on the spot. It is also very easy to use with minimum waste. These two hair building fibers are not meant for permanent fix. These are cosmetic solutions for a quick fix.

Some modern hair loss concealers not only give a quick fix or temporary fuller look but also improve the new hair growth. So these products definitely help people overcome their mental stress due to hair loss. It also relieves people of the hazards of permanent fix like surgeries or hair transplants.


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