Effectiveness of Hair Loss Concealers

Are you a sufferer of hair loss? Yes you must be, as you have opened this article in search of getting knowledge about effectiveness of hair concealers. There are three main types of concealers, hair thickening fibers, hair spray-on concealers and colored pigments. Before moving directly on the effectiveness of these hair loss concealers, let’s get some knowledge about hair loss, reasons and then effective treatments. Hair loss can be due to following factor:

• It can be genetic
• Due to deficiency of vitamins
• Hormonal disturbance
• Old age
• Trauma or sudden shock
• Due to side effects of strong medicines

Genetic hair loss, hair loss from old age, or from hormonal disturbance is not under our control but rest of the factors can be controlled by taking proper treatments at the earliest stage possible. Losing excessive hair and not getting treated for it can lead you in getting bald which cannot be treated later on. Treatments or ways to conceal thin hair are given below.

• Hair transplant
• Wigs, hair extensions and hair pieces
• Hair concealers

Hair transplant is a surgical way to get fuller and thicker hair but it is considered an expensive way. Wigs, hair extensions and hair pieces also cover you thick hair but they can cause discomfort while wearing them and they have high maintenance cost. Hair concealing is a way to conceal or hide traces of baldness and hair loss. Types and their effectiveness is explained below:

• Spray on concealer
Hair thickening fiber
• Colored pigmentation

All of these concealers are quick and easy to get instant thickening look. Hair concealers are considered affordable and instant way of getting thicker and healthier looking hair. Some of these not only help in giving instant look but they also help in hair growth. So, while using it as a temporary solution, you can get future long term benefits too. New and advanced formulas are great to use and give perfect natural look. No need to tell anyone that you are using concealers, as nobody can guess that you have used something to disguise you baldness or thin hair. Sprays and creams are getting very popular as they are very effective and combination of spray and pigment give you perfect results. Hair fiber is a type that is very natural looking and it uses static electricity to stick to the scalp and give you thicker looking hair. These technologies do not give you permanent look but they can stay for as long as you want. You can get rid of them by washing your scalp with shampoo. Whether you want to use hair thickening fiber, or spray on concealer, they will surely work and will help you in getting healthier and thicker look.


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