Hair Loss Concealers: Tips and Tricks

To try something new and getting perfect in it can require some practice. Same is the case with hair thickening fibers, as these may seem difficult to apply for the first time. With hit and trial method, you can find the right method that suits you. Hair thickening fibers are considered best among the other hair concealing products as they give natural look, and not using it in the right way can spoil your look. So, in order to save you from worrying, we have written this article. By reading following points, you will get to know about some of the best tips, ways and tricks to get your desired results. These tips and tricks have been collected from some experts who have tried these to cover the areas that require concealing. These simple tips will guarantee you the best results that can be achieved by using these hair thickening fibers.

• Less is always more in case of all the hair loss concealers. It is preferred that you start using less amount of your concealer and gradually increase its coverage. Start using it by shaking a small amount, blending it in and repeating the procedure in order to get good results. This will not only help you in giving a natural look, but it will also make sure that too much quantity is not used. Using too much hair loss concealer initially will get wasted and you will have to remove it too. So, always remember rule of less is always more.
• Make sure to never turn dispenser of the product completely upside down. This way give you less control over the fibers dispensed that will result in giving you slightly unnatural look. Using excess amount will clump them together and you will need to remove them afterwards. So, why waste your product in the first place.
• While using your product, make sure to tilt the dispenser to approximately 55 degree angle, and then shake the jar before applying. This will provide you with best natural results.
• Keep practicing. Using fibers evenly will get better and easier with practice, just make sure to use less amount in the start.
• Try to use less styling after you have applied hair thickening fibers, as some gels and hairsprays make the fibers clump together that will look less natural. Gels also tend to make your hair look thinner, so try to use them as less as possible.
• Instead of getting too much change in an instant by using a lot of your product that will also look unnatural, try to camouflage your hair loss problem by gradually building up the effect of thicker or fuller hair. Doing it gradually over a period of time look more natural instead of getting full hair in a single day like wig.
• Adding these fibers to areas that are not thinning will give them more volume and will help you in overall styling.


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