Hair Loss due to Lack of Vitamins

Many people around the world suffer from alopecia. Alopecia means hair loss or baldness. In ladies, it is mostly thinning of hair in uniform pattern whereas, in men it can be baldness too. Thinning of hair in men starts from front hairline to the crown of head. If timely care is not taken to resolve this problem, it can lead to baldness. In ancient times, there were very few ways to treat or conceal this problem, but nowadays there are many products in the market that are dealing with Alopecia. Hair thickening fiber helps in making thin hair appear thick. Different topical ointments and solutions are also available in stores that help can you in regrowing your hair follicles. Some drugs are very effective in regrowing your hair and solving your problem, but they also have side effects. People who want to avoid side effects of these drugs can try using natural vitamins for hair loss.

Using vitamins to treat hair loss is healthy and effective alternative. Some very useful vitamins that can help in growing your hair and stopping hair fall are B vitamins. B3, B5, B6, inositol, Biotin, and folic acid are very important for natural hair growth. Among these folic acid and vitamin B6 also known as Pyridoxime are very essential and these are also clinically proven in improving hair growth. Deficiency of these can cause hair loss and baldness. One important thing while using these vitamins is that they should be taken in sufficient amount as prescribed by the doctor because overdose of these can give you negative result. When a carefully prescribed supplement course is taken for hair loss, they will give you positive results whereas, overdose might give you more harm than good.
These can also be obtained by some food items that also contain necessary nutrients. Food that contain vitamins are green peas, nuts, lentils, carrots, oats, brown rice, eggs, soybeans, cauliflower, walnut and beans. All of these food items are rich source of vitamins that are good for hair growth. Vitamins A and E also help in well-being of our health as they acts as essential oxidants. Vitamin E helps with circulation in the scalp as it carries oxygen in the blood. Vitamin C also plays an important role in taking care and maintaining strong and healthy capillaries. Blood flows through these capillaries into the hair follicles.

People who have done nothing at an early age of hair loss problem can do nothing about thinning hair or baldness. All they can do is to rely on products like hair extensions or hair thickening fiber to cover their problems. But for others, if you want to control your hair loss and improve hair growth, start drinking lots of water, take diet rich in vitamins and nutrients and if required, take a prescribed course of vitamin supplement in order to get full benefits.


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