Hair Loss Factors

A lot goes inside our body, but we don’t take much interest unless something goes wrong. Hair is one such part of our body that has a lot of impact on you psychologically. You must be known with terms like good hair day and bad hair day. Having clean and beautiful hair always make you feel better, whereas having bad hair day can make you feel down and dull. Similarly, having full thicker hair makes your personality hot and sexy, whereas thin hair or baldness can cause negative effects on your emotional health and personality. As proper care is needed for anything to flourish, so to get beautiful and healthy hair, proper care is required. In today’s busy time, people are unable to take proper care of themselves and a result they seem to face different health issues including hair loss and baldness from very young age. For such busy people, companies have made products like hair thickening fiber, ointments and spray-on concealers that give instant thickening look. Products like hair thickening fibers and spray on concealers conceal your thin hair by attaching to your scalp. These are instant ways for busy people to hide their bald patches or thin hair as they create illusions of thick hair.

In order to understand the reasons of hair loss and ways to control it, you need to research a little more. This article will explain top five reasons or factors involved in hair loss.

1) Genetic inheritance
2) General health and medications
3) Deficiency of nutrients
4) Stress or trauma
5) Hair care

Among these, first two factors are not in your control and you may not be able to control them fully, but other three can be control by taking some simple steps. Having healthy thick hair can be a blessing from your genes, similarly having thin hair may also be due to our ancestors genes. When you inherit beautiful thick hair from your parents, it becomes a blessing, whereas when you get thin hair from them, not much can be done about it. Alopecia Areata is a genetic hair fall disease. If somebody in your family has thin hair or baldness, you may end up in losing your hair too. If proper care is taken at early stage, you can save yourself the worries, otherwise you will end up in thinning or losing your hair. People who suffer from different diseases, may need to take some strong medicine. These medicines can also cause negative effect on your hair health. Medicines taken for diabetes, heart problems, chemotherapy for cancer treatment are a few that can cause hair loss. Deficiency of nutrients and vitamin B is another reason for hair loss but it can be control adding multivitamins in our diet. We can improve vitamin deficiency by food and also by taking prescribed dose of supplements. Stress, sudden shock or trauma imbalances our hormones that also result in excessive hair loss. Improving your diet, doing exercise or yoga and Taking proper steps to control stress level can improve your hair growth. Oiling your hair, drinking lots of water, using proper shampoo and conditioner, Controlling heat temperatures while using hairstyling appliances, and properly brushing your hair are few of the hair care tips for healthy hair.


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