Hair Loss Treatments for Thinning Hair

Many people around the world are suffering from thinning of hair. Hair loss can be genetic, from imbalance hormones or from side effects of different diseases. When you are unable to detect right reason for thinning of hair at early stage, you may end up losing excessive hair, which then, cannot be treated. So, it is very important to know difference between normal hair loss pattern and abnormal pattern. Losing 50-100 hair in a day is considered normal whereas, by abnormal pattern we mean, losing sudden excessive hair repeatedly. If you see a huge chunk of hair on your pillow after a comfortable sleep, after every hair wash, or after brushing your hair, you should get worried. Reading following article will help you in selecting right product to treat your hair thinning problem.

As millions of people are suffering from thinning of hair, a lot of companies are trying to produce such products that can help you in getting rid of this problem partially or fully. Every product promises to provide you with best results. In this sea of products, it becomes very hard to decide which is best for you. Four important items of today’s age are discussed below to help you in selecting right product for thinning of hair.

• Minioxidil is very popular since 80’s and is being used to help in improving hair growth. Thinning of hair starts when hair follicles stop growing. Minioxidil improves hair growth that results in thickening of hair. Its effectiveness is clinically proven. It has shown more effective results in the crown of head than around hairline. A doctor should be consulted for prescription as regular use of it is required for better result. Pregnant ladies, nursing mothers or diabetic patients should not take these without consulting a doctor.
Hair thickening fibers are also getting popular as a temporary treatment of thinning of hair. Hair thickening fibers are designed in a way that they conceal or cover up thin hair and bald patches. They will not in growing your hair again, but they will help you in disguising thin hair. Hair concealing fiber is a quick and easy way to get thick look instantly. Hair thickening fiber includes fiber that can stick to the hair and some partial hair pieces that are glued to the scalp or woven into the hair.
• Follicle exfoliation is another way to improve hair growth. Hair growth can suffer due to blocked follicles, so using conditioners and shampoos that doesn’t contain humectants can help them from getting blocked.
• Deficiency of nutrients can also lead to thinning of hair. Food is an easy source to get these nutrients. Mostly, people suffering from thinning of hair have deficiency of vitamin B. Taking mineral and vitamin supplements or covering this deficiency by eating food rich in nutrients can provide you positive results. Supplements should be taken on the prescription of a medical practitioner as overdose of these vitamins can be harmful for your system.


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