Non-surgical Methods to Conceal Thinning Hair

Getting hair transplant is a surgical way to get new hair. Although it is very helpful but it is very expensive and out of reach of many people. Non-surgical way of getting great hair is by using hair concealers and different hair systems. Hair extensions, wigs, hair pieces and toupees are being used by number of people around the world. They look authentic and are used to cover bald patches and thin hair. The negative points of these are discomfort of wearing them and cost that is required for their maintenance.

One of the top choice to cover bald patches and thin hair is hair concealer. For many years these are being used and as technology is getting advanced, new formulas are being introduced that are better than the original ones. Earlier they were not considered reliable to give natural look and their incapability to withstand again adverse weather conditions like wind and rain. With new and improved formulas, these problems have been removed and they are more resistant and they give natural look. All of these help you in concealing bald patches and appearance of thin hair. Some of them not only help you in giving fuller look, but they also help in growing your own hair. So, while using these concealers to hide and cover up the scalp, they also support in regrowth of your hair. These concealers make individual existing hair look healthier and fuller, which ultimately helps in improving the appearance of hair. It just disguises the effect of thin hair or baldness.

Spray on concealers are most common type of hair concealers that are being used by a number of people to improve the look of thin hair or bald patches. These are very effective and are available in different forms. In some of these heavy cream is used that thickens the hair strand temporarily with heavy colored dyes. Hair fiber is another form that is very successful in giving you natural looking hair. There are hair thickening fibers, hair thickening fibers and hair building fibers. All of these help you in getting fuller and thicker looking hair. These are small fibers that sticks to your existing hair due to static electricity and give to thicker hair. These are considered most natural looking concealers that provides you with healthier and fuller looking hair but these are temporary treatments that can be removed by washing your hair with shampoo. These will not stain your hands or clothes and are relatively very durable against external conditions. Due to the natural look, nobody can detect that you have used something to thicken your hair.


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