Thinning Hair Treatments

There are a variety of treatments available including hair transplant, wigs, hair extensions, hair thickening fibers, spray on concealers and other hair loss concealers. Some of these are permanent fix whereas, some work temporarily. The Price range of these treatments also vary from affordable to expensive. Read the following points and select a solution that works best for you and is your pocket friendly.

• Maintaining balanced diet will help you in improving hair growth whereas, Deficiency of nutrients may be a reason to your hair loss problem. If you start having excessive hair loss, go and get yourself checked by the doctor. If you have deficiency, he will prescribe multivitamin supplements that will help you in improving health related issues and solving hair loss problem.
• Due to busy lifestyles, many people do not exercise or do any kind of workout, this in return has made us sluggish and our blood quality becomes poor. Exercise helps in improving the blood circulation and getting benefits from nutrients to help in hair growth. So, try to exercise to help your system in improving hair growth.
• Using some natural treatments like massaging the scalp with oils that helps in regrowth of hair and using chemical free shampoos and conditioners also help in regrowth of hair. Oil extracted from different fruits and herbs improve the process of hair growth. If you can’t find fully chemical free shampoos and conditioners, try to look for the ones that have minimum chemicals.
• Wigs and hair extensions are another solution that is being used for many years. The negative point in using them is that they cannot treat your hair. They just hide your problem as they fully cover your scalp. Hair extensions give you thicker and healthier look but they need to be used properly, otherwise they can damage your rest of the hair follicles too. The maintenance cost of wigs and hair extension is high too. Proper care is required to keep them in proper shape.
• Many hair concealing products are available in stores that help you conceal the thinning of hair. Spray on hair loss concealers, colored pigments and hair thickening fibers improve the look of your hair by darkening and covering the scalp and providing illusion of thick hair. These products are affordable and easy to use. They give you your desired look in few seconds.
• Many topical solutions, ointments and drugs are available too that are beneficial in improving hair growth but these can also have some side effects.
• Hair transplant is another treatment that transplants hair and follicles to areas that are bald. This is a treatment that works best but it is an expensive one.


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