Types of Hair Loss Concealers

Since the dawn of time, people around the world our suffering from hair loss problem. Healthy hair add so much to your overall personality. In every story and in real life, all handsome men and beautiful women have thick and healthy hair. Have you heard of a bald prince charming, or a princess with short thin hair? No, probably not. In every story prince charming hair thick sexy hair and princesses have long beautiful hair. So, in every age and era, people having thin hair, try to search for new and better ways to conceal them. There are many hair transplant treatments are available too, but they are either painful or expensive. Hair thickening fibers and spray on concealers are few of the popular products of new time. In past boot black or spray on colors were used to darken the scalp and covering the bald patches. They were an attempt to darken the area and giving thickening look. The problem with these early concealers was that they were a failure and people who used them looked like they have used shoe polish on their head. The positive effect was that companies tried and tried, and using same principles and new advancement in technology, they gave you hair concealing products that are far than the original ones. The new formulas helps in concealing bald patches and thinner hair in just few seconds, and they also give effect of fuller and thicker looking hair. Some of these are advance enough that they help you in growing your hair again while you are using them for concealing thinner hair. These are permanent fix but give you desired results within seconds.

In following paragraphs, you will get to know about three types of hair loss concealers that can help you look up to 10 years younger. These products can be used alone or combined with products to give you healthier and thicker looking hair.

1. Spray-on Concealers

Plant based micro fiber is used by spray on concealers. They are colored specially to match your hair color and they are ionized by opposite static charge from your real ones. So, when you apply the spray on concealers, they will bond with your hair and will give you thicker looking hair. These are not permanent and can be washed off when you want to remove them.

2. Hair Thickening Fiber

Hair fiber, also known as hair building fiber or hair thickening fiber are hair loss concealers usually made from keratin fiber. These also helps you in getting thicker looking hair and concealing thinner hair. These are applied by sprinkling small about without wasting any extra on your scalp. Using hair comb or brush lightly will spread it evenly and you can use hair spray to keep them in place. These hair fibers are made of same fiber as our hair, so they give a natural looking healthy look.

3. Colored pigments

Third type of hair loss concealers are used with brush. These colored pigments are applied directly to the scalp to create a look of fuller and thicker hair. This technique does not thicken your hair with fiber but they color your scalp to blend with your hair to create an illusion of thicker hair.


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