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The best serum for the summer

If you’re a person that likes their skin to feel hydrated, soft and gentle without having to constantly feel oil and a layer of moisturizer every time you touch your face, serums are the thing for you. Making their way into the pores right away, serums can simplify your skin care regimen and de-stress your skin from within. Here are some serums that we recommend for both oily and dry skin types, so you can have your skin glowing like a goddess this summer;

Serums for dry skin 

For dry skin even in the summer, serums with ingredients like vitamin E and C can make a huge difference. Instead of using a basic moisturizer at night, go for the DermaC+ anti-aging serum which comes loaded with both vitamins C and E. In addition to high sun protection and damage-control from vitamin C, the vitamin E deep-moisturizes your skin taking away any wrinkles or dry patches from your face.

Serums for oily skin

A serum can be a girl’s best friend in the summer, and for oily skin, what better serum than the DermaC+ anti-aging serum. Regardless of your age, starting early to avoid any premature signs of aging in the way to go with skin care. This serum guarantees to enrich your skin with CoEnzyme Q10 which boosts collagen production and protects your skin from any damage you might experience in the heat of the summer. Loaded with vitamin C, DermaC+ serum enriches your skin with anti-oxidants and prevents possible breakouts. With this serum, you don’t have to be afraid of a little sweat and the sun even if you have oily skin.

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Use Derma Roller System To Enhance Your Skin Care Regimen

A lot of individuals associate summer with a healthy glow and sun-kissed tans, but it cannot be over-emphasized that the hot weather can be so harsh on the skin. Dry air, sun damage, and the chemicals that deplete moisture resident in swimming pools, as well as insect repellants,  can make your face look and feel lifeless.

Luckily, you can easily tweak your skin care regimen to align with the demands of the period. Derma Roller System products are what you require to bring your skin back to life and enhance your regime.

Why Choose the Derma Roller System?

You might have been wondering what makes the Derma Roller System stands out of many products out there. You can see our ingredient labels to know why we are unique. Our commitment is to make simple products with quality active ingredients.

Our natural facial care solutions leverage on the rejuvenating properties of all-natural Derma Roller System products. For instance, we extracted our pure argan oil from the nut of the Argan tree with no extra ingredients added. It is naturally rich in vitamin E and has nourishing fatty acids — the serum assists in fighting to age and soften your skin with no additional chemicals. The pure compound means you don’t need to pay for addictives or fillers. You have only pure quality ingredient.

Find your Perfect product

Derma Roller System has a range of products that meet the requirement of every skin type. Anyone searching for hydrating formulas should consider the benefits of hyaluronic acid vs. squalane. The Derma Roller System has these two moisturizers which can be utilized for a better result.

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How to get rid of dark circles

Working hard at your job or getting good grades by giving your studies your all, can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things in the world. But as gratifying as hard work can be, all those sleepless nights can take a huge toll on your body and your face. If you’ve experienced dark circles after a few all-nighters, or if you don’t get enough sleep and it shows on your skin, here are some ways you can get rid of your dark circles;

A consistent skin care routine

In our day to day life, we tend to underestimate the impact that a simple yet effective skin care routine can make. You don’t have to go to the salon and get some kind of treatment every other day, all you need is a few products designed to meet your needs. Being tired and not getting enough sleep cause bags under your eyes and take the life away from your skin. Using a sunscreen before sun exposure makes your eye bags less stubborn. By using a night cream and an under eye cream, you can actually see your dark circles lighten over time. Using products with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C can take away the effects of lack of sleep but make sure to use sunblock religiously!

Find what works for you

There’s a lot of drugstore and high-end products available in the market that are designed specifically for dark circles. While searching online for the best one or asking friends can be a good strategy, sometimes you just have to keep your skin type, history and intensity of need in mind before you invest in a product. You might have to try out a couple before you find what suits your needs, but don’t settle for results that are barely there.

The cream that works for everyone!

While the best long-term remedy and solution for eye bags is a healthy diet and plenty of sleep, there are some amazing creams designed to hide all the stress and strain from your face. One such cream is the DermaCell Collagen Cream. Specifically designed to put on your face the illusion of a good night’s rest, the DermaCell Collagen Cream decreases facial puffiness, reduces dark circles and the added benefit of hyaluronic acid gives your skin an overall fresh and healthy glow.

Don’t forget to check out the online store for more great products from the Derma Roller System.

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The Ingredient Your Skin Needs In Winter

If you are reading this, the chances are high that you may already be following a skincare regime religiously. However, to ensure that your skin stays young and bright, it needs some extra TLC in the cold winter season. To keep your skin fresh and glowing even during the harshest of the weather outside, Vitamin C is the ingredient you need. It can do wonders to rejuvenate your skin’s natural collagen, a component that gives your skin a boost of good health and suppleness. Including DermaC+ serum in your skincare routine can change the way your skin looks and feels. It will ensure that a brighter, smoother skin stays no longer a dream.

Identifying the signs of aging skin

Collagen levels in our skin decrease as we grow old. This, in turn, results in apparent signs of skin aging. Some of which are:

  • dryness
  • dullness
  • dark spots
  • sagging skin
  • bruises
  • wrinkles and lines

With the regular use of Vitamin C serum, you will be able to increase the collagen level in your skin, thereby getting a younger looking skin with better texture and firmness.

How does Vitamin C help in getting a healthier, glowing skin  

Although Vitamin C forms an essential part of our food intake, very less amount of this nutrient is absorbed by the skin when you consume it orally. This is why topical application of this nutrient is believed to be the right way to absorb it into the skin effectively. To improve the health and appearance of your skin, apply Vitamin C + E serum regularly, and observe remarkable results through the increased production of collagen. But, before you use a Vitamin C serum, you must know how to apply it in the right manner. When it is cold outside, your skin’s collagen levels take a hit, which makes it essential to replenish them to maintain a flawless texture. By including Vitamin C in your skin care regimen, you will take the right step in reducing the signs of aging. Thus, look for a company that provides high quality and effective Vitamin C serum and flaunt a healthier skin in winter too.

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Vitamin C Serum: What Are The Benefits & How To Use It

Vitamin C is known as a beneficial ingredient for the skin. But, there are so many misunderstandings around the topic. Consuming vitamin C is important for your body. But, your skin cacan’t benefit from the consumed amount of the vitamin. You should apply a vitamin C serum twice a day, to make sure that your skin will experience the benefits in the best way.

Vitamin C to Protect and Repair

Vitamin C is known as a good remedy for a cold. But, it can help your skin produce more collagen too. All you need to do is to apply it in generous amounts, in a form of serum. This will make the skin more smooth and tight while offering additional protection to your veins and capillaries.

Dark circles, bruising, and redness is caused by broken capillaries underneath your skin. A simple addition of vitamin C serum in your daily routine will fix the problem. Soon, you will notice that your skin tone is even, there are fewer bruises, and the fine lines are nowhere to be found. Keep in mind that there are no strict rules for using vitamin C serum in your daily routine. Your skin can never absorb too much of this precious vitamin.

Daily Use Makes the Difference

Purchasing a good quality vitamin c + e ferulic acid serum is your way to start a good skincare routine. The process of application is so easy and simple. All you need to do is to massage two or three drops with the tip of your fingers onto the skin. Do this in the morning and evening for the best effect. Use it on a daily basis so that your skin will experience the benefits.